Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Cantatas for New Years Day

The cantatas for New Years Day include BWV 190, BWV 143, BWV 41, BWV 16 and BWV 171.

Recordings for these cantatas can be found at:

BWV 190
The trumpets in the opening Chorus and closing Chorale are striking.

BWV 143
Striking opening and closing Choruses with similar rhythmic structures nicely frame this cantata, which includes three memorable arias one after the other.  Note the accompaniment on the tenor aria.
Some have questioned if Bach even wrote this cantata, or all parts of this cantata.

BWV 41
BWV 41 begins with a long opening Chorus which, at points, is reminiscent of Brandenburg Concerto 2 (mvt. 3).  There is a memorable tenor aria and closing Chorale.

BWV 16
The opening Chorus and bass aria are marvelous, as is the oboe accompaniment to the tenor aria.

BWV 171
BWV 171 is majestic throughout.  Note the trumpet echos in the closing Chorale as well as the violin accompaniments of the tenor and soprano arias.

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